Non-Accidental Astronaut

It will take me seconds, minutes, or maybe hours to just sit there – staring above – wondering when was the exact time I started loving the stars.

I’m certain it wasn’t that long ago when my soul became a part of the cosmos. Maybe it was those times when I felt so alone and I just found company gazing at those unsynchronized blinking, or perhaps those moments after I finished watching some Sci-Fi Space movies which I really like.

What I really appreciate about the stars is that unlike any other beings, they’re always there and I can feel it in every atom of my body. I always feel that they are what my missing piece is looking for – completeness.

Time has elapsed, my astrophilia grew into something I couldn’t even contain by my self alone. There was this connection that expanded from loving the night sky to wanting to be part of it. The feelings were so surreal that I started dreaming about them – exoplanets, aliens, and other celestial stuff I couldn’t explain for now.

I think my greatest mission will be finding that someone who shares the same world with me and who will provide the last missing piece of my puzzle. And in that moment I will let go of the words I’m longing to say: “At last, I feel I’m whole.”



  1. Hello Josh

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    See you at the party!


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