The Boy and The Helium Heart

Long time ago, I captured a balloon with a helium heart. I embraced it and it treated me as if I was the force that pulled it from the danger of the atmosphere. I was wrong, I was the one in danger, I was falling. Falling infinitely in the moments of time. And now it came to be, that I have to let it go, and so forth. It flew away from me, away from the gravity that is consuming my entire entity, but closer to the danger it may destined to endure.

It’s been millenia since I realized that the string I clinged to for a long time was the string that connects you to me. Wherever you are now, I’m still attached to you and you will never know it, until you stop from moving away. And the string will loosen and will cut barely from my grip. Then it will end, so close, yet so far.


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